Sweet collaborates with Shopify to expand its market reach for NFT’s digital collection products.

New York, TechnoBusiness Crypto US – Sweet, an NFT solution provider from New York, collaborates with Shopify (NYSE: SHOP), an e-commerce platform based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

In the announcement of the cooperation on Wednesday (19/5), Sweet will integrate its NFT distribution platform into the Shopify market through an existing online shop.

The addition of Sweet services to the Shopify platform allows global retail and entertainment brands to take advantage of the opportunities for NFT demand which has been increasing recently.

“To date, NFTs have been sold through the third-party crypto market, forcing brands to make difficult choices to direct consumers to experiences outside of the brand,” said founder and CEO of Sweet Tom Mizzone.

In addition, not a few consumers who want to buy and own an NFT are confused by its complexity, including the matter of setting up a blockchain wallet.

Through Shopify, which is already very popular in the world, said Mizzone, now anyone can enter the NFT game. That will create a large market value.

As of today, according to Coingecko’s records, NFT’s market capitalization, including crypto arts, collectibles, game items and financial products, has reached US$18.86 billion.

—David T. William, TechnoBusiness Crypto US – Photo: Sweet


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